Dancing on the Edge ?

27 Dec

The writer has read with interest for a while now Press references to a body called The Marriage Foundation, founded by the High Court (Family Division) Judge Sir Paul Coleridge. One might say that for a Family Judge to favour marriage is a bit like a Chancery Judge favouring property – yes, of course, and are you now going to tell me about bears’ personal hygiene habits ? However, marriage is fairly obviously a controversial matter at the moment, and even an organisation that simply says it promotes marriage is going to be treated with suspicion: the whole topic is so politically loaded – however broad the range of legal luminaries cited as supporters.

The writer was not therefore surprised to find that there had been a complaint to the Office of Judicial Complaints about Sir Paul Coleridge’s involvement – controversial topic (however anodyne the group’s aims) and serving High Court Judge, surely not an A1 plan ? The official notice of their decision says little, beyond observing that Sir P had agreed that a lower profile for him personally be appropriate. That must have been before yesterday’s headlines about his thoughts on the Government’s plans to adjust the legal definition of ‘marriage,’ then ? Or does that oh-so-short decision notice cover an interview in which he told the LC and the QB Pres to ‘Go on, make my day’ ? Curiouser and curiouser …


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