“Well, I Wouldn’t Start From Here”

26 Nov

It cannot be the case that Labour-run Rotherham Council thought that it would be a useful way to get a sly dig in at UKIP (the UK Independence Party) by taking some foster(ish) children away from some UKIP-supporting parents – because the parents supported UKIP having (it is said) defected from Labour – ahead of the by-election there.

There are at least three reasons for us to be sure of this:

(1) It has backfired spectacularly, with UKIP Leader Nigel Farage enjoying himself immensely in his new ‘victim’ status;

(2) Even a carefully-courteous radio interview on the BBC Today Programme evidently hadn’t been planned very well;

(3) As everyone involved seemed to agree, that would be a grave abuse of power – and one’d not expect politicians to have so much influence over Social Services.

For the Government it was a win-win too, since Michael Gove the Education Secretary was (it is reported) adopted himself, and so is getting a more sympathetic hearing from the Press at the moment and on this topic than he usually does.


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